Marcela is originally from Brazil, but spends most of her time in Thailand, Bali and Europe teaching Yoga Teacher Trainings, Immersions and Retreats. 

She has a Bachelor in International Affairs and a Masters in Business Economics and Management of Sustainability.  She worked for the United Nations as well as in corporate and public sectors for many years.

Through yoga and meditation she found transformation. She was finally able to hear the calling of her soul and have the courage and self-confidence to go live it. For her, this is what yoga is all about. A pathway to become the most authentic version of ourselves. And today she dedicates her life to this.

To share this powerful practice, supporting others on their unique journeys and being there for them in their transformation.

She believes that yoga unlocks the potential inside each one of us and opens the path to a very profound knowledge of who we really are.

With her passion of understanding the world thru the lenses of the 5 Elements of Nature and her admiration of the human complexity, combined with her caring and playful personality, Marcela creates the perfect environment for her students to go inwards and explore their true nature as well as learn the tools to assist others in their own unique journeys.

Marcela is trained in 5 Elements Yoga Therapy, Ashtanga, Rocket Vinyasa and Yin Yoga (Registered by Yoga Alliance). She is also certified level 1 in Thai Vedic Massage and Reiki Practitioner. She has facilitated in more than 15 Teacher Trainings and certified over 300 Yoga Teachers from all over the world.